Pokemon Go Community Day features Chikorita next

Hear ye, hear ye! Niantic recently announced another exciting news that got Pokemon Go lovers excited. Another Pokemon Go Community Day is happening in September. This time around it will feature Chikorita, the leaf starter from Johto generation, replacing Eevee that appeared from August 11 to August 12, 2018. There was a hike in chances for shiny Eevee back then so Trainers can probably expect the same to happen during the upcoming Community Day as well.

How did Eevee day turn out to be?

I’ve got two words to sum up the event – SHINY EEVEE! As soon as the event day came about, lots of local gaming group jumped in on the action to catch Eevee. Though there are some unlucky folks (like this writer here) who didn’t get a chance to participate. It was nice seeing local Pokemon enthusiasts gather and made the effort to swap lures. In Malaysia, the hotspot for this event was Taman Jaya, Petaling, and even Shah Alam. There were also some super enthusiasts who were seen using more than one phone! Seeing all these players enjoy each other’s company gave me warm, fuzzy feelings in my heart for sure.

Chikorita is making its way in!

Community Day is basically when the cute Pokemons will show up. They are literally lurking everywhere – or at least I think so. Chikorita is another Pokemon that’s definitely worth your time to try and catch it. In comparison to Eevee, Chikorita might not have various evolutions but, it’s still pretty damn kawaii. The Johto leave starter will be available from September 22, 2018 from 11 AM to 2 PM. Make sure to plan your time if you don’t want to miss it since it’s only available for one day!
Other than that, there’s a higher chance for Chikorita to be shiny plus it does have its own exclusive move. However the move cannot be interchanged with fast or charged TM. So make sure to keep your leafy baby as it is since swapping out the given skills are irreversible. Mark your calendar and let’s get that Meganium! For more info, check
Mark the date and let’s aim for that MEGANIUM! For more info you can head over to this website.

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