Announced recently by Konami, there will be an update for their game Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain which will let players play the online Forward Operating Base (FOB) missions as the sniper rifle expert, Quiet. It is nice to see an update from Konami for Metal Gear Solid V as it has been nearly a year since the last one.

Screengrab via Konami

Quiet is an expert with a sniper rifle whom with her steady hands has minimal shaking when taking her shots. Quiet also has extremely fast movement speed which allows for unique jumping abilities over high steps where normal players would usually need a ladder.

Screengrab via Konami

With her special dash ability, Quiet is able to close in on enemies quickly. On the other hand, if she remains still for a period of time, she will become fairly invisible and stealthy.

Screengrab via Konami

New Online Development items!

New online development items are added into the game to help out in your missions. These developments will continue even when players are away from the game system as they are Online Development items. By using the MB coins that the players have collected, they are able to hasten the development time. All the newly added items are stated below and they are only usable in FOB missions.

Renov-Ickx bis Sniper Rifle

Screengrab via Konami
Screengrab via Konami






  • Sniper rifle that fires rounds which are able to penetrate obstacles.
  • They have an extremely long effective range and exceedingly high stopping power and penetration.

Dark Matter Generator

Screengrab via Konami
  • Emits a massive ball of dark matter that blocks light.
  • Inflicts damage on any enemy that comes into contact with it.

Stun Dark Matter Generator

Screengrab via Konami
  • Emits a massive ball of dark matter to block light that has a stun effect
  • It will knock out any enemy that comes into contact with it.

Energy Wall

Screengrab via Konami
  • Generates a protective shield that temporarily nullifies shots, stun-effects, sleep, and markings.
  • The shield will dissipate if it takes a certain amount of damage.

With the update, Konami has also included a new difficulty called “Event FOB [HARD]. Here players have no risk of retaliation from the defending players which you will earn more event points than the usual difficulty. For more information, do check Konami’s official site.

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