Pokemon Go Fest 2018 Global Research Rewards and Zapdos!

Pokemon Go Fest 2018 took place recently over the weekend. The event gives the opportunity for trainers to obtain the mythical Pokemon Celebi. Though the event was only available to those with the tickets. Now, players worldwide should be able to participate in the Pokemon Go Fest Global Research Challenge rewards.

What is the Challenge?

Pokemon Go Fest Global Research Challenge was a series of task that trainers had to complete. They were a wide variety of challenges that the trainers had to complete.

The challenges:

  • catching Pokemon using berries
  • battling Gyms of a certain level
  • taking part in a number of Gym battles
  • participating in a Raid and capturing Pokemon with a weather boost.

Trainers had to partake in these tasks and some more. With only 2 days, the trainers hah to achieve the milestone to unlock the rewards. The milestone target was 15.1 million research challenges needed to be completed in total.

https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.jsThrough dedication, the trainers manage to complete the challenge. This means every trainer worldwide will be able to enjoy the rewards from the Global Research Challenge until 23 July. The rewards include:

  • 2X Candy for catching Pokemon
  • 2X Candy for hatching eggs
  • 1 Bonus rare candy from Raids
  • Egg hatch distance has been decreased by half

Zapdos Electrifying 21 July

Screengrab via Pokemon Go Live

On a side note, trainers should clear their schedule for 21 July. This is because the date is Zapdos Day. On that day, there will be a three hour period of Zapdos Raids and shiny Zapdos will be available. Trainers will have five free Raid passes, giving them more opportunity to challenge this mythical Pokemon. I will try to provide a guide on how to prepare yourself for Zapdos in this coming days.

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