Below is the compilation of scammers names, facebook profile or websites that we are aware of:

September 2013

1. Danny Ask Lo >>
Method of scamming >> post in facebook groups selling iPhone and ask customer bank in to SEA Gamer Mall bank account claiming that the account is his friend’s.


Nov 2012

1. Lynnette Bradly >> Dragon Nest SEA Scammer.

2. Kelvin Chang ( >> &

Oct 2012

1. Rebecca Lee ( >>

July 2012

1. MapleSEA Mesos Scammer >>
2. Scammer Name: Angeline Koh (137356341 POSB SAVINGS)
3. Jacinta a.k.a Huiyee >>

You may send us an email to helper[at]seagm[dot]com if you knew any scammer’s details or just comment below. We will add it to our scammer list after verification.


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